We’ve made these a couple times now and the 2nd time they were amazing!! The first time, I tasked my daughter, a self-proclaimed baker, with making them. We didn’t have any eggs in the house so I made an egg replacement using flax/water. She thought she was using parchment paper but actually used wax paper to line the pan. OOPS!! So the 1st batch were a flop. Definitely stick with making them SMALL!! She opted for large cookies and they spread out to cover almost the entire cookie sheet. So the next time, I made them myself with an egg, parchment paper, and kept them small. Like I said, they were amazing!! I’m low carving, so I used Xylitol as my sweetener and didn’t use quite as much as the recipe called for simply because I prefer things a little less sweet these days–I’m turning into my Grandma! When I was in my teens she suggested not adding as much sugar as recipes called for (Grandpa was diabetic at that point) and I thought she was crazy. Now I’m in my 40s and my taste buds have totally changed. But anyway! Thanks so much for a delicious recipe! They definitely hit the sweet spot of my craving! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pN4G7rITNE

Thank you so much for this amazing recipe! My 5 year old son eats Paleo for medical reasons and he’s been going crazy for a cookie! I’ve made some other paleo sweets, none of which have been well received. He was so excited to help me make them and even more excited to help eat them! He ate 2 after they cooled and is already asking for another after dinner. My 7 year old, extremely picky daughter also loved them. Instead of butter we used organic coconut palm shortening and they came absolutely perfect! Thank you!
Almonds are paleo-approved, but it can sometimes be hard to just stop at a handful. While almonds are packed with protein, healthy fats, and an amino acid L-arginine that can help you burn more fat during workouts, they are also calorie dense—if you’re not careful, you can end up downing hundreds of calories worth of almonds in one sitting. That’s why we love these 100 calorie packs. They’re perfectly portioned and contain only whole natural almonds without sketchy ingredients or additives.
I just made these not even 20 minutes ago and they were DELICIOUS. It’s the first time I have ever baked paleo cookies and they came out great. I had to bake them a little longer because instead of putting them on parchment I put them in mini cupcake tins to make them into little portable bite sized snacks I added unsweetened coconut flakes to it because I love coconut flakes. All in all, great and super easy recipe! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGuSj4IEdks

*I get a lot of questions about the difference between almond meal and almond flour. Although the terms are generally used interchangeably in packaging, your best bet is to look for a product that is called blanched almond flour (or blanched almond flour/almond meal).You want a product that is very finely ground and cream colored without any specks of brown in it. I recommend Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour (found online) or Bob’s Red Mill Blanched Almond Flour (found online or in the natural aisle of many supermarkets; sometimes, in stores, the packaging reads “blanched almond meal/almond flour”). Read more about the differences between almond meal and almond flour – and what you should be thinking about when selecting ingredients – here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRCgH9ZQj2o

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Cooking and consuming seaweeds can be intimidating because they can seem quite bland, tough or bitter at first glance. With the proper seasonings and cooking though, they can become a real treat. In the following snack, nori sheets are simply rubbed with coconut oil, seasoned with sea salt and a small amount of sesame oil, then roasted very briefly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip69hOWsSls
Coconut flour is not interchangeable with almond. It absorbs a TON of liquid so the ratios would be quite different as well as the texture. Coconut flour tends to be chalky when used by itself so I would not suggest switching it out in this case. Also, I find coconut flour to be way more expensive than almond flour. You can make your own almond flour/meal if you don’t want to buy it and save $ that way. Just process almonds in a food processor until flour-like.
Eggplants are Paleo friendly for most, but store-bought baba ghanoush can still contain loads of hidden mayo—and that can mean unwanted vegetable oils. Go for a simple, mayo-free recipe with lots of garlic and a squeeze of lemon juice for a fresher take that won’t weigh you down. Try pairing this dip with some Paleo-friendly homemade rosemary sesame crackers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cz_7K_r05rA

Some aspects of this diet sound good and logical but, How does anyone know that prehistoric homosapiens were at all “healthy”? Maybe the life span of Cro magnon was so short because of poor diet and extreme physical labor. Has anyone seen long term proof of such a basic intake? Don’t misunderstand me, I think the chemistry we’ve developed and added to our foods can’t be good but, I can’t help wonder if finding a balance in what we eat is better than eliminating foods that we can process and use. Broken down to a basic form of existence, all life has the same properties of nutrition and survival of the species. Whether it’s milk from a coconut or milk from a goat, it has the same purpose, just a different presentation. I think this diet is a good start to eating less processed foods, which to me seems more important than eliminating milk from a different animal than ourselves. Maybe the unnatural way we produce milk from cows has more to do with lactose intolerance than the essence of that product. Maybe genetic modifications of grains have led to gluten intolerance. The life span of humans has certainly increased. Maybe not treating our food with growth enhancement or pesticides would be the answer to allowing us to consume some foods that are emerging as not inherently good for us. Just a few ideas to ponder. I’m going for another cup of organic coffee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwP8C9wjYaY
Bouts of high intensity training as your schedule and recovery allows. This is what people typically think of as fitness – strength training, sprinting, running, CrossFit, any type of structured fitness program falls here. Pay attention to your recovery – make sure you’re not exercising more than you can recover from. Some people can train two times a day six days per week, some manage twice a week before burning out. Respect your level and do what you can manage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbZaUqW_zBc
Your Vitality.  Even healthy individuals (without disease or in their later stages of life) have shown benefits from following a Paleo template. A study of 14 healthy volunteers (Österdahl et al, 2008) found that all participants experienced enhanced blood sugar regulation, an increase in vitamin and mineral status, decreased inflammation and weight, and lowered blood pressure.

These are very good and very flexible. The first time I made them, they came out flat and browned at the bottom and were delicious that way! Determined to make them as illustrated here, I tried again. I cut the honey to 1tbs (both times, I left out the almond milk) and adjusted the amount of almonds to get a thicker dough. This time, they stayed round and were crunchy throughout (I blame my thin cookie sheet). The first flat batch was better and I will make them that way again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDWirPJv8Qg
Generally, vegetables are dense in fiber and essential vitamins and minerals and are thus a required part of a balanced Paleo diet. Balance is key here: vegetables, while essential, are best consumed alongside a variety of food groups. They, nor any other food group, cannot alone constitute a healthy diet. More than that, not all vegetables are created equal, nutrition-wise. They are, however, delicious and provide tons of creative opportunities to diversify your diet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xnQM8qlPY4
This is a complete list of foods not allowed on the paleo diet. It’s a sad day when you first have to say goodbye to these foods but, once you start, it’s much easier and you find there are even better paleo substitutes for these foods. The first few weeks might be tough, but if you stick with it over time, it’ll be worth it. We promise. Here’s the ultimate list of foods not allowed on the paleo diet.
[…] I don't like the word "diet", so I'll say that this is more a way of changing what you eat long-term. It's all based around what our ancestor hunter-gatherers would have eaten, and what we've evolved to be able to process and absorb. The very basic level of it, is that you don't eat carbohydrates, processed meats or sugars, and cut out dairy products. You instead eat plenty of fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts. You can still have oil, provided it's natural – so coconut, peanut & olive oil are all good. The good thing is that you're also allowed to take this to your own level – so if you want a couple of days off a week – say, weekends, you can do it & it will still be a lot healthier for you. This is a really helpful site I've used to make a note on my shopping list of what's allowed: The Ultimate Paleo Diet Food List | Ultimate Paleo Guide […] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaHGpOoBt0k
I just made these not even 20 minutes ago and they were DELICIOUS. It’s the first time I have ever baked paleo cookies and they came out great. I had to bake them a little longer because instead of putting them on parchment I put them in mini cupcake tins to make them into little portable bite sized snacks I added unsweetened coconut flakes to it because I love coconut flakes. All in all, great and super easy recipe! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGuSj4IEdks
To ensure that you’re fueling your body with the very best nutrient-dense vegetables on the paleo diet, aim for variety by including as many different types of paleo-approved options as you can. Doing so will help to protect your body against a whole range of diseases including heart problems, high blood pressure and some cancers. They’re also a great food option that’s usually low in calories and will fill you up with gut-beneficial fiber for optimal digestion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnLc95VpW5Q
We love nuts and they are decidedly paleo diet friendly. Be careful though, as cashews are high in fat and, for some reason, it’s incredibly easy to eat an entire jar of them in one sitting (that’s not just us, is it?). If you’re trying to lose weight, limit the amount of nuts you’re consuming. Otherwise, have at it. I mean, you can’t beat a good almond/pecan/walnut mix, can you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JMPLMKoDMA
You’re likely having these negative reactions to wheat products, which hide in many different pre-made foods, especially vegetarian foods. Try reducing the number of different ingredients you consume on a daily basis. For example, eat whole fruits and veggies you bought and chopped up yourself, raw nuts (not legumes), organic eggs, and don’t be afraid to try eating free range chicken breasts and grass fed cow meat for a 30 day health experiment. Use healthy oils like olive oil or coconut oil to cook meat and make salad dressings. And check pills, cleaning products, makeup and lotion for wheat based products as well, to eliminate them from your routine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYUx8rBOK-0

Fruits are nature’s nutrient-rich sweet treats and unprocessed, they have a whole host of health benefits to offer including detoxifying, disease-fighting antioxidants and phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Because of this and how well they’re generally tolerated by the body, all types of fruits are considered a great part of a healthy and balanced paleo diet. However, because most do contain high levels of fructose (a fast-digesting carbohydrate), many paleo enthusiasts recommend watching your fruit consumption, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd4dlNxaPwk

I can see how a strict Paleo diet has its place in society for some people, but for me, a very under weight older person trying to gain at least 30 pounds to get back up to my normal comfortable weight, I will sprout quinoa and buckwheat, make my own gluten free breads, have the occasional red potato and rice, lentils and split peas and consume grass-fed and raw dairy products.
If you’re feeling more adventuresome, though, and are willing to try some additional flours, I humbly recommend the holy grail of chocolate chippers: the New York Times-style gluten free chocolate chip cookies. They not only have a couple extra ingredients, but they must chill in the refrigerator before baking. But to say they’re worth the wait is a dramatic understatement.
Alcohol is a no-no if you are strict paleo. Beer is made from grains, and liquor also contains traces of gluten. But, good news for cider-lovers: most hard ciders are gluten-free, so they are allowed. Check the label to be sure. Red wine is more accepted in the paleo community because it contains the antioxidant resveratrol, but sorry chardonnay lovers, white wine is technically not allowed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrlFu0Lsqbc